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BOVTS Young Artists – Summer Film Camp


This course has now passed for 2023. Please check back soon for details of our summer 2024 programme.

This summer, we are launching the Young Artists Summer Film Camp, where young people come together to learn about all things film!

If you’re a young creative with a taste for filmmaking, this is the perfect chance to gain hands-on experience, both in front of the camera as well as behind it. During the film camp you will learn about:
– Performing in front of a camera
– Directing scenes to tell a story
– Framing shots using different camera angles to create dramatic effect
– Using lighting to play with the mood of a scene
– Designing and making costumes to fit different themes
– Setting the tone for a film using sound
– Writing scenes and dialogues to convey drama and action
… and much more!

You will be taught by our current degree students, who are bright young professionals about to embark on their careers in the industry. BOVTS graduates have made their mark on stage and screen for over 75 years, and some have even gone on to win Oscar awards! You can be sure that our students will bring the best of their training and experience to the Young Artists Summer Film Camp.

Join us to be part of a fun-filled week, where you can learn filmmaking skills, boost your storytelling skills and make new friends.

You can join one of our 3 groups:
Downstage for ages 7-10
Stage Left for ages 11-14
Stage Right for ages 15-18

Students developing and growing in confidence during their time here, seeing their work reaching professional standards in approach and execution; a student who intends to be a stage manager producing a wonderful sound design; a first year student making a lovely recording of a song for their recording project; tracking the careers of former students and seeing them be successful; being able to find a job opportunity for a recent graduate. Frank Bradley, Sound Tutor