Sunday Young Artists Weekly theatre workshops for children aged 3-18


Sunday Young Artists

Key Information
  • Dates

    Spring 2024:
    Sundays, 14 January – 24 March
    Half term: 18 February

  • Fees (per term)

    Wings (age 3-4) – £55
    Upstage (age 5-6) – £110
    Downstage (age 7-9) – £137
    Centre Stage (age 10-12) – £137
    Stage Left (age 13-15) – £137
    Stage Right (age 16-18) – £137

    Partial bursaries available for all groups

  • Class Structure

    Wings (age 3-4):
    9:45 am – 11:00 am

    All other groups:
    9:45 am – 1:00 pm

  • Bursary applications for Spring 2024 are now closed.

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On Sundays during term time, we are open to young people from across the South West. Catering for children aged 3-18, Sunday Young Artists provides weekly classes in performance and production skills taught by our students at the height of their professional training.

We offer classes for the following age groups:
Wings – age 3-4
Upstage – age 5-6
Downstage – age 7-9
Centre Stage – age 10-12
Stage Left – age 13-15
Stage Right – age 16-18

Every term focuses on a theme, with exercises and activities structured around it. Students will explore performance skills, costume and set design, as well as different roles within theatre making such as directing and stage management.

At the end of the term, students will put on a short performance for family and friends to showcase the skills they learned over the past ten weeks.

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Spring term 2024: “Quick-witted tragedy!”

This term will be focussed on things that make you laugh and cry. Students will explore how humour and pathos and switching between them can make your theatrical endeavours richer and more relatable to your audiences.


Each group of Young Artists will have two current BOVTS second year students as their main tutors and there will be a Young Artists Manager to supervise the running of the day. The students will be from across our degree courses, from acting through to production arts, to ensure that the skills passed on are current and from the best possible source.

One of my favourite parts about BOVTS is that it feels ‘homegrown’. From the set to the costume, lighting, acting and sound, every single aspect of a theatre production or film is down to the students. The location of Clifton is so serene and the School being so small everyone knows each other and it feels so personal and special. Violet Morris, BA Professional Acting Student