Hedda You’re stuck. Marooned with this person...
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Bristol Old Vic (livestream)

Key Information
  • Dates Wed 18 Nov 2020 - Sun 13 Dec 2020
  • Location Bristol Old Vic (livestream)
  • Running Times

    2 hr 30
    (including 15 min interval)


By Henrik Ibsen, adapted by Lucy Kirkwood
Directed by Jenny Stephens
Designed by Bronia Housman

 ‘You’re stuck. Marooned with this person, everlastingly stuck looking at the same face and listening to it talk and chew and snore and breathe. And knowing it’ll never stop. That this is it. Always and eternally.’ 

Hedda feels trapped by the prospect of normality. Having just returned from her honeymoon with George, an academic who she doesn’t love, a future in this utterly boring environment terrifies her.

With George occupied with yet another paper on robotic ants and his dowdy sister Julia fussing over the prospect of aunthood, Hedda naturally tries to make things more interesting.  Attempting to gain power over others though leaves her caught between three men. Ultimately, something has to give.

Lucy Kirkwood’s adaptation of Ibsen’s masterpiece sees Hedda Gabler transplanted to a doer-upper in twenty-first century Notting Hill. With subtle lines drawn between comedy and drama, BOVTS is excited to be streaming this as a fully-staged production live from the Bristol Old Vic.

Age guidance 15+

This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Nick Hern Books.




18th Nov at 7.30pm

19th Nov at 2.30pm and 7.30pm

20th Nov at 7.30pm


On Demand

30 Nov – 13 Dec


Start time – The virtual ‘doors open’ time will be half an hour before the show time. As these shows are fully live, make sure you’re connected a few minutes ahead of the advertised start time so you’re ready when the show begins.

Restrictions – When you buy a ticket, you get access to watch the show on one device only. This means you can’t share the link with others. If you have friends who would love to see the show, share this page with them!

Waiver – Bristol Old Vic and BOVTS are new to live-streaming and, as with any live event, there’s always a chance something will go wrong. If we’re unable to stream the show, for whatever reason, we will either offer you another date to see it, or a full refund.


Making theatre in lockdown

The School is delighted to be working in professional theatre venues once again. Current Government guidance is that schools, colleges and universities, including vocational training centres, should remain open with face-to-face teaching taking place where it is safe to do so. The School continues to be in close contact with Bristol’s Public Health team who are satisfied that all relevant procedures are in place to allow theatre productions with a virtual audience to take place.

At the start of the autumn term, the School’s final year Professional Acting students changed their living arrangements in order to form household bubbles aligned with their casting. This allows for physical contact between some of the characters, as you would expect in a regular theatre performance. All rehearsals and off-stage theatre work has been conducted following governmental guidance. The cast, director and key members of the technical team have been rehearsing off-site and those who are not bubbled have been maintaining social distancing throughout this process. The off-stage teams working at the theatre are zoned and the production has a dedicated Covid officer to ensure safe practices are maintained before, during and after each performance.

All at the Theatre School are grateful for the public support we continue to receive and look forward to welcoming you virtually to the livestream of Hedda.

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Issam Al Ghussain Eli 

Michael Drake Toby  

Emma Hadley-Leonard Hedda 

Charlie Hall George 

Dumile Sibanda Thea 

Tessa Wong Julia / Cleaning Lady

Creative and Production Team

Director Jenny Stephens

Designer Bronia Housman

Production Manager Mark Munday

Producer Ruth Sidery

Sound Designer Tom Codd

Lighting Designer Mike Gunning

Assistant Lighting Designer Mary Bennett

Digital Co-ordinator Dave Taylor

Voice Coach Carol Fairlamb

Dialect Coach Kat Hicks

Combat Director Jonathan Howell

Movement Director Michelle Gaskell

SM Supervisor Rosie Giarratana

Stage Manager Caitlin Ravenscroft

Deputy Stage Manager Dominic Parker

Assistant Stage Manager/Book Cover Jamie Craker

Assistant Stage Managers Matilda Bradley, Kirk Bishop and Joe Waddington

Production Electrician Alastair Barrows

LX Operator Karris Holm

Sound Operator Eleanor Condon

Costume Supervisor Charlotte Weiss

Costume Assistants Saskia Bath, Susannah Pearce, Angelica Robinson and Charlotte Rowen

Costume Maker KT Vacara

Hair and Make Up Advisor Sophia Khan

Construction Manager Andy Scrivens

Workshop Supervisor Joe Culpin

Workshop COVID Warden Karris Holm

Construction Assistants Hannah Bracegirdle, Neamh Campbell, Ellie Condon and Francis Pilsworth

Freelance Scenic Artist Debbie Mitchell

Scenic Artists Rowan Bacotoy, Leri Tecwyn and Gina Hammersley

Props Supervisor Frankie Dowers

Props Assistants Laura Davies and Tabitha Dodds

Flys Person  Tabitha Dodds

Camera Operators TBC

COVID Supervisor Hebe Perry

Covid Officer Chantel Blackwood




Director Jenny Stephens

Camera Director/Vision Mixer Rod Maclachlan

Assistant Vision Mixer Lily Baron

Head of Cameras Richard Maxwell

Camera Operators Maya Barker, Elkie McCrimmon, Neamh Campbell and Frances Pilsworth

Sound Mixer Tom Codd

Broadcast Engineers Dave Taylor and Simon Baker

BOV Team

Artistic Director Tom Morris
Production and Ops Director David Harraway
Production Manager Jemma Edwards
Production Coordinator Becky Davies
Head of Stage James Molyneux
Sound Engineer Duncan Arnold
Technicians Imogen Senter, Jon Everett and Sam Collier
Box Office Rebecca Molloy
Marketing Alice Wheeler and Jack Fayter
Communications Amanda Adams and Imogen Downes
Producer Ben Atterbury

Special thanks to

Stage Style Costumes
Jenni Everett
Lydia Morgan
Tom Gould
Charlie Hemmings
Frances Ashton
Rosie Maynard
The Magic Lantern Cinema Tywyn
Tommy Bell
Sophia Khan

Student Q&As

We spoke to some of our students about their roles in this exciting production.

Dominic Parker, Deputy Stage Manager

What is your role in the show and what does this entail?
I am the Deputy Stage Manager for Hedda. During the rehearsal process, I sit in the rehearsal room and note the blocking, staging. Additionally I distribute the notes that have arisen from rehearsal and the call for rehearsals. In the theatre I sit with my book and call the cues of the show ensuring all the lighting, sound etc. happen when they are planned to go.

Why did you choose to study your course? Do you have any advice for future applicants?
I chose this course as it gives a broad understanding of all technical departments and Film. I think it gives a unique understanding of what every department does and the requirements they have. This helps me do my job as I understand their work and how to work around and schedule it.

Who should come to see/watch Hedda?

I think everyone should see Hedda. This is a brilliant adaptation that has great depth, acting,
and technical elements that will captivate the audience.

What have you enjoyed the most about working on Hedda?
I have enjoyed the process from seeing the model box at the design presentation and the process throughout rehearsals and going into the venue. Watching and being involved in bringing all these thoughts and ideas to life.

Without giving too much away(!) what does the technical/creative team have in store for
the audience?

We have some really interesting, creative elements to captivate the drama, the humour and the tragedy that Lucy Kirkwood has written. The set design cleverly draws you in and the lighting and sound will bring together seamlessly the conventions of theatre and film.

What does this show mean to you in light of all that’s happening?

This show means a lot to me. This is one of the first shows that is being produced since March and has a huge team of professionals in training that will be the next generation of Actors, Stage Managers, Technicians that will be working in the post-COVID industry.

Mary Bennett, Assistant Lighting Designer

What is your role in the show and what does this entail? 

I am the Assistant Lighting Designer for Hedda! I am here to support Mike Gunning (our Lighting Designer) for whatever he needs and aid him with creating a LX plan and Cue list for the show. As well as this I have been standing in meetings for him when he isn’t available and suggesting ideas about the lighting design itself! Since joining the School I have been lucky enough to work with 4 Lighting Designers including our Head of Course, Joe Stathers. Each Lighting Designer has their own way of programming and their own tips and tricks. I have learnt so much in the past three years that I can adapt for my own lighting designs and use in the future! 

Why did you choose to study your course? Do you have any advice for future applicants? 

I’ve always known that I’ve wanted to work in theatre. There was a moment where I was acting with a Youth Theatre Group, but I longed to be one of the people with a set of cans and a clipboard behind the scenes instead of actually being in the spotlight. I came to BOVTS thinking I wanted to be a Stage Manager. Now I long to be the one making the stage look beautiful through lighting as well as creating the designers and director’s vision. My advice would be to always keep an open mind, try new things and never say no! You never know what career path you might be drawn into throughout the course. 

What has been your favourite experience at the School so far? 

My favourite experience was definitely Nicholas Nickleby on the Bristol Old Vic main stage. It was my first lighting op role with the school and I got so much more confident programming all the lighting. It was amazing to look at the show and think ‘I actually did that. I made the lighting look like that with my own programming skills.’ It was the first moment I felt proud of myself at the Theatre School. 

Who should come to see/watch Hedda? 

Definitely suitable for anyone looking to watch a gripping drama! 

What have you enjoyed the most about working on Hedda? 

I’ve enjoyed the freedom of being able to create my own lighting design to help our lighting designer! I’m looking forward to tech week so that I can see what I can learn from Mike and what he has in store for everyone! I have also enjoyed working alongside our Prod LX Ali, to help get prepared for when we get into the venue! 

What does this show mean to you in light of all that’s happening? 

Whenever it’s holiday and I am not working at the School I’m usually taking shifts back at my home theatre so it’s going to be a sad Christmas without theatre. Being away from the theatre during lockdown has made me appreciate this experience so much more. It is a gift to be able to put on a show right now and fingers crossed nothing will stop it going ahead! 

Rehearsal Photography by Rachel Holman

Production Photography by Craig Fuller

Students drinking coffee in Clifton Village
The training provided by the MFA programme is superb. The depth with which we explore, paired with unyielding curiosity that is met with the most knowledgeable, passionate, expert tutors is what makes BOVTS programme one of the finest around. I feel honoured to call BOVTS my grad school. Rachel McVay, MA Professional Acting Student