Illustration of Robin Hood and Marian

Robin Hood and Marian

Redgrave Theatre

Key Information
  • Dates Fri 25 Nov 2022 - Fri 02 Dec 2022
  • Location Redgrave Theatre
  • Ticket Price

    ÂŁ15 Standard
    ÂŁ10 Concession
    Schools Rate ÂŁ7
    Family Offer ÂŁ35

  • Running Time

    95mins (including interval

A hero's what we need, someone to admire!

Written by Theresa Heskins
Directed by Derek Bond
Designed by Aldo Vázquez

Deep in Sherwood Forest, swashbuckling power couple Robin Hood and Marian are taking from
the rich to give to the poor. Along with their band of outlaws, they have one goal: to outsmart the
fearsome Sheriff of Nottingham and greedy Prince John.

An explosive musical adventure for the whole family; sword-wielding, dragons, venison pasties and more archery than you can aim your arrow at.

Suitable for ages 7+

Robin Hood & Marian © Theresa Heskins, 2016
Copyright Agent: Alan Brodie Representation Ltd


We’d like to extend a special thanks to Tenovus and Against Breast Cancer for donating items to the eco-friendly set.


Robin Hood Samuel Bell

Marian Melina Sinadinou

Merlin/Hubert the Heavy/Guard/Peasant Woman Tommy Bellshaw

Little John Peter Burley

Gerfalcon/Goneril the Heavy/Guard/Noblewoman Sophie Charlton

Queen Eleanor Zoe Doughty

Scarlet Petra Joan-Athene

Prince John Kerr Louden

Sheriff Tommy McAteer

Young Much Anna Murphy

Celebrant/Deer/Kestrel/Dragon Dudley O’Shaughnessy

Owl/Peveril the Heavy/Guard/Dandy Francis Redfern

Much Senior/Tuck Ephraim Sampson


Director Derek Bond*

Production Designer Aldo Vázquez*

Musical Director John Telfer*

Combat Director Jonathan Howell†

Puppetry Consultant Sam Wilde*

Voice Coach Carol Fairlamb†

Dialect Coach Sue Cowen†

Production Manager Steve O’Brien†

Assistant Production Manager Maisy Harbert

Production Supervisor Ruth Sidery†

Stage Manager Lara-Louise Jones

Deputy Stage Manager Matthew Newcombe

Assistant Stage Managers Ziva Bucer, Muir McFadden

Lighting Designer Mary Bennett*

Assistant Lighting Designer Adrianne Broadgate

Production LX Willow Digweed

LX Operator Elsa Gear

FS Operators Joe Collins, Chris Stuckey

Sound Designer Chris Monks

Sound Operator Isabella Keating

Prop Making Supervisor Jess Manley

Construction Manager Jude Fullwood

Workshop Supervisor Joe Collins

Construction Assistants Elsa Gear, Iona Hicks, Isabella Keating, Katrina-Summer Richards, Soph Robinson, Chris Stuckey

Costume Supervisor Jo Kenney

Costume Makers Bethany Boldero, Shanice Dacres, Elle Duncan, Gracie Green

Costume Assistants & Dressers Rosa Grew-McEvoy, Liv Morell, Charlotte Nicholson, Jess Padday

*Visiting professional, †BOVTS staff

Graduate Sahir Mehta
As soon as I visited the School, I fell in love with the place. Perhaps it sounds a bit irrational, but sometimes you get a vibe - and you just know! BOVTS gave me all the tools I needed to prepare for a career as an actor. Sahir Mehta, MA Professional Acting, 2018