Summer Festival: Hymns A bruising look at how toxic masculinity affects our ability to care

Summer Festival: Hymns

The Wardrobe Theatre

Key Information
  • Dates Thu 20 Jun 2024 - Sat 22 Jun 2024
  • Location The Wardrobe Theatre
  • Tickets

    Single £10
    Double Bill £15
    Season Ticket £40

  • Creative Team

    Written by Chris O’Connell
    Directed by Jacob Whitehorn
    Designed by Jess Brown

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“I was thinking about Jimi. How his life’s over, and how my life, our lives, are still…”

Four men gather to attend the funeral of a close friend. As tensions rise and truths spill out they are left wondering if they will ever be the same again. Under the brash surface, Hymns is a touching story of friendship under fire, where deep-rooted connection fights for survival against the reality of grief and guilt.

Using lightning fast dialogue and stylised movement, it is a bruising exploration of how toxic masculinity affects our ability to care about those closest to us.

This play is showing as a double bill with Some People Talk About Violence. Find out more about the BOVTS Summer Festival at the Wardrobe Theatre here.

Students relaxing outside of the School
The School is in a beautiful part of Bristol, overlooking a huge park called the Downs. We sometimes take advantage of our close proximity to the Downs during the summer term, practising fight and dance routines, or voice or singing classes! Dan Hall, BA Professional Acting student