This House In tough times the British do what we have always done: muddle through

This House

Tobacco Factory Theatres

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  • Dates Fri 10 Mar 2023 - Sat 18 Mar 2023
  • Location Tobacco Factory Theatres
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    ÂŁ10 Concession
    ÂŁ12 General
    ÂŁ16 Pay It Forward

“Flatter yourself if you want that they voted for you personally, but they didn’t. They voted for the party. Based on class. Based on economic group. Based on geography. Based on what their effing mums and dads used to vote for. Not you.”

Written by James Graham
Directed by Nik Partridge
Set Designer Marta Sitarz
Costume Designer Jasmine Thompson

UK politics is in crisis and the country is in economic peril. Fights break out in the Houses of Parliament and the government whips can barely contain the chaos. Sound familiar? Well this time, it’s 1974 and in this not so distant past, Westminster is at war with itself again.

A hung parliament and the tiniest of margins mean that those in power will do everything to just keep going. Even if that means wheeling in someone on their last legs or direct from the maternity ward.

In a time where every vote counts, James Graham’s explosive and biting political comedy-thriller This House – which premiered at the National Theatre in 2012 – introduces us to the farcical and fanatical world of 1970s Westminster. Just how far will these parties go for political survival?

Suitable for ages 14+

Production Images


Walsall North/Rochester & Chatham/Rushcliffe/Newham North East/Serjeant at Arms Akim Bangura
Fermanagh/Bromsgrove/Ilford North/Abingdon/Hexham/Barber/St Helens Samuel Bell
Humphrey Atkins Tommy Belshaw
Michael Cocks Peter Burley
Peebles/Clockmaker/Plymouth Sutton/Liverpool Edge Hill/Henley/Rotherham Tom Canavan
Ann Taylor Georgia Cudby
Belfast West/Woolwich West/Coventry NW/Paisley/Lowestoft/Paramedic Conor Duran
Jack Weatherill Archie Fisher
Western Isles/Belfast North/South Ayrshire/Birmingham Perry Barr/Mansfield Kerr Louden
Bob Mellish/Speaker Act 2 Tommy McAteer
Coventry SW/Lady
Batley/Armagh/Welwyn & Hatfield/Speaker Act 1
Louise O’Dowd
Joe Harper Dudley O’Shaughnessy
Walter Harrison Francis Redfern
Fred Silvester Ephraim Sampson
South/West Lothian/Caernarfon/Paramedic
Kurtis Thompson
Batley/Redditch/Merioneth/Stirlingshire West/Chelmsford/Clerk/Thurrock Chris Williams

Creative and Technical

Director Nik Partridge†
Set Designer Marta Sitarz
Costume Designer Jasmine Thompson
Lighting Designer Willow Digweed
Sound Designer Tommy Károlyi
AV Designer Joe Stathers†
Movement Director Joêl Daniel†
Fight Director Jonathan Howell†
Musical Director Jonathan Grosberg†
Composer Andy Jenks†
Assistant Directors Richard Bland & Lydia McKinley
Voice & Dialect Coach Sue Cowen†
Assistant Voice & Dialect Coaches Lauren Davies & James Gillen
Composer Andy Jenks†
Production Manager Steve O’Brien†
Assistant Production Manager Maisy Harbert
Production Supervisor Bryony Rutter†
Stage Manager Matthew Newcombe
Deputy Stage Manager Zoë Mackinnon
Assistant Stage Managers Ebony Hayes & Iona Hicks
Production Electrician Adrianne Broadgate
Sound & AV Operator  Tommy Károlyi
Lighting Operator Lisa Viel-Vigneron
Prop Supervisor Sally Strong
Prop Maker Emily South
Construction Manager Lewis Bamford
Construction Assistants Živa Bučer, Jocelyn Chen, Jacob Clear, Tommy Károlyi, Muir McFadden, Lisa Viel-Vigneron
Costume Supervisor Grace Green
Costume Assistants Rosie Gayner, Ava Harker, Bessy Mo, Lasya Purohit
Costume Makers Gracie Green & Arthur Wyatt

† BOVTS Staff Member

Graduate Sahir Mehta
As soon as I visited the School, I fell in love with the place. Perhaps it sounds a bit irrational, but sometimes you get a vibe - and you just know! BOVTS gave me all the tools I needed to prepare for a career as an actor. Sahir Mehta, MA Professional Acting, 2018