Evie Akerman BA Costume for Theatre, TV & Film

Evie Akerman

Evie Akerman (she/her)

BA (Hons) Costume for Theatre, Film and Television

Evie has enjoyed exploring every element of costume for stage and screen from construction to breakdown and design whist at BOVTS. Her exhibition pieces reflect her diverse interests. Evie recently stepped up to roles as buyer, stylist and crowd/principal standby from experience as a trainee on ‘Half Bad’ Netflix and ‘The Girl Before’ and ‘Flatshare’ BBC.

BOVTS credits:
Costume supervisor:  Absolute Scenes (The Marble Factory)

Costume Maker: Absolute Scenes (The Marble Factory)

Costume Standby: Dreamers, The Disappointed (BOVTS TV)

Costume Assistant/Dresser: The Snow Queen (Redgrave Theatre), Earthquakes in London, Laramie Project (BOV Weston Studio)



Headshot of graduating students

Costume Maker/Assistant/Dresser ‘Earthquakes in London’ (BOV Weston Studio)

Headdress for ‘Jasmine’ in burlesque performance, Designed by Angela Davies.

Photography credit: Craig Fuller

Costume Maker 'Hip Hop Long John Silver'

Interpretation of winning design in the Bristol Old Vic Young Designer’s Completion, completed in 2021, currently on display in The Bristol Old Vic on King Street. Original design by Logan Hodge age 9. Chest tattoo designed by Tom Barns.

Photography credit: Kris Cowley

Costume Maker ‘Love Birds Nudie Suit’ Designed by Evie Akerman

3rd Year proposal design realisation using male tailoring techniques on a female form. Aligning with her pledge at the beginning of the academic year to work more sustainably. All material used is surplice fabric from Territo Tailoring on Park Street and cut offs from previous costumes made at BOVTS. Digital art by Emily Rose and embroidery by Slowpoke Studio.

Photography credit: Ben Grady

Students relaxing outside of the School
The School is in a beautiful part of Bristol, overlooking a huge park called the Downs. We sometimes take advantage of our close proximity to the Downs during the summer term, practising fight and dance routines, or voice or singing classes! Dan Hall, BA Professional Acting student