Jasmine Thompson Performance Design MA

Jasmine Thompson

Jasmine Thompson (she/her)

Performance Design MA

Jasmine is a designer for live performance based in Bristol and the South West. Her previous fine art practices heavily influence her costume and set designs. Specialising in design during her BA in Costume Production, Jasmine has a particular interest in fashion and art history

BOVTS credits:

Set and Costume Designer: No One Will Tell Me How to Start a Revolution (The Wardrobe Theatre)

Costume Designer: This House (The Tobacco Factory)


This House

Working with Director Nik Partridge and Set Designer Marta Sitarz, I designed the costumes for the political comedy-thriller This House.

Drawing from a myriad of inspirations from Victorian interior design and avant garde political art, to glam rock and the influence of David Bowie. The costumes toe the line between firmly grounding the play in the 1970’s and reflecting the more fantastical elements of the action through loud prints and exaggerated silhouettes.

Photography credit: Craig Fuller

No One Will Tell Me How to Start a Revolution

Collaborating with Director Roisin McCay-Hines, I designed the costumes and set for this production of Luke Barnes’ play about three teenage sisters. I created a monotone liminal space based around an empty home, abandoned factories, and school halls. This is juxtaposed by the ‘all out 2000’s’ costumes as the characters move into the space and make it their own- creating a childlike sense of play whilst they try to tackle adult issues such as poverty, class struggles, and sexuality.

Photography credit: Jasmine Thompson

Rockets and Blue Lights

I collaborated with Director Daniel Preciado on this speculative project, designing the set and costumes for Rockets and Blue Lights by Winsome Pinnock. The stage design turns the whole of Bristol Old Vic’s main stage into a 18th century ship, incorporating the history Bristol’s slave trade with the themes of the play. Additional settings such as a home of a member of the Windrush generation, as well as historical spaces such as J. M. W Turner’s painting studio.

For the costumes I took inspiration from traditional West African textiles used with both modern and 18th century silhouettes to link the modern and period timelines.

Photography credit: Jasmine Thompson

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