Natasha Sadier MA Performance Design

Natasha Sadier

Natasha Sadier

MA Performance Design

Natasha previously studied Fine Art, specialising in painting, at Falmouth University and Venice Academy of Fine Arts, graduating in 2020. She also worked as an art department assistant for Black Widow (Marvel Studios) and hopes to continue working in film after graduating. Her credits for BOVTS include: Costume Designer for Absolute Scenes (The Marble Factory), Costume Designer for the film The Book Club (BOVTS Online), Set Designer and Maker on Lend Me Home (Algorythm Season – BOVTS Online) and Set and Costume Designer for Toy Plastic Chicken (The Wardrobe Theatre).






A story of love, race and class, Julie is set in the kitchen of a London Townhouse. Set over the course of one night, the passing of time is shown through the changing sky, reflected by a mirrored floor.


Set in Clifton Lido, Otto – the whale – is described through different mediums. In the third act, he is revealed as a glowing lantern puppet, carried through the water.

Absolute Scenes

Set at a party for the end of the world, the design uses an amalgamation of different styles, textures and materials. The way the costumes would behave under lighting and how it reacted to the other design elements was important.

Embrace your individuality. The School is looking for each artist’s nuances and seeks to nurture and strengthen them when you study here. Éloïse Richmond, MA Screen Acting Student