BOVTS Queer Choir Sings with Pride

Published on:
30th June 2023

As Pride Month draws to a close and preparations for Bristol’s Pride Day are well underway, the Theatre School has found a way to join in with celebrations… through song!

In May, Jonty Grosberg (Head of Music and Singing) established a Queer Choir to record a special song in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community. The song All We Want Is Love – which some may recognise from its inclusion on Netflix show Grace & Frankie by Norwegian singer-songwriter Ane Brun – focuses on the universal need for love. With Ane’s blessing, and a four part arrangement by Catherine Courtley, BOVTS students and staff rehearsed together over three days to bring the song to life.

The group then headed to Christchurch Studios – the School’s Clifton-based recording studio – to record the song.

BOVTS wishes all of our students, staff, alumni and friends a happy and safe Pride!

The culture at BOVTS is encouraging, respectful, welcoming and empowering; the environment and buildings are beautiful and I found Bristol to be one of the most wonderful cities in which to spend summer! Lindy Yeates, Foundation Course Student