In the Limelight: Jyuddah Jaymes

Published on:
23rd November 2023

Welcome to In the Limelight. Over the next academic year we’ll be interviewing members of the BOVTS community casting a spotlight on the creativity and diversity at the heart of our drama school.

Hello! Please introduce yourself.
Hello back, I’m Jyuddah! I graduated from Bristol Old Vic Theatre School in 2018 with a BA in Professional Acting.

You’ve recently finished performing in Choir Boy at Bristol Old Vic. Tell us a little about your experiences.
It was, hands down, the best professional working experience I have ever had and I have been super lucky. This project was really close to home and I felt so moved by the opportunity to work on it, and with Nancy who I have admired and known for a little while now. To be back in Bristol and doing my Bristol Old Vic debut with that play and with the amazing cast and company is a blessing.

Did it feel exciting to be returning to the city in which you trained?
Yes, it’s been so nice to be back in the city that I love. Most people know how much of a fan I am of the culture and energy of Bristol, I’ve been living here for almost two years now and have zero regrets. I get to walk on the paths of all the memories I made whilst I was training.

You starred in Western series Django last year. Were there any cool props from the set that you were allowed to take home?
I’d love to say we each got to keep our Horse but sadly not. I got plenty of pictures but a lot of the props actually used in the shooting had to be archived for later… I kept my facial hair for a bit though!

Do you have any advice for a young person who wants to see if acting is for them?
Give it a go, why not! Don’t be afraid, absorb as much as you can and remember that it isn’t about you (that last one has taken me up until doing Choir Boy to realise). I remember a teacher at BOVTS once also telling me to stop trying to be interesting and just ‘be’. That really helped when it came to the practical nature of acting.

What’s next on the cards for you?
The sky is the limit. I have a few options for future work, and a couple of projects that I did last year that I’m still waiting to see out in the world! It’s not always hectic so I can spread my workload quite well.

Each interview, we hand over the mic to you. What’s your question for the next face of BOVTS?
Where or who do you go to practice/enjoy being yourself?

Last time, Sol Taibi wanted to know: Starter or dessert? And why?
Often a starter, most desserts have dairy and I am intolerant sadly!

Header: Camilla Greenwell
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