Alexander Katz MA Drama Writing Student
Headshot of graduating student

Alexander Katz

MA Drama Writing Student


Alex studies Dramatic Writing at BOVTS. He achieved his undergraduate degree, magna cum laude, at New York University, in English and American Literature, as well as Creative Writing. He’s worked various internships and jobs, from those in the arts — a semester with a production company in London, a semester as script supervisor for student short films at the University of Florida — to others focused on social justice — a summer teaching at-risk kids, another on outreach for Save the Children, political canvassing, etc. He writes for stage and screen, and was a finalist in Scriptwriters & Co’s recent short play contest.

The culture at BOVTS is encouraging, respectful, welcoming and empowering; the environment and buildings are beautiful and I found Bristol to be one of the most wonderful cities in which to spend summer! Lindy Yeates, Foundation Course Student