Jaisal Marmion Drama Writing MA Student
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Jaisal Marmion

Drama Writing MA Student


Jaisal is a poet, playwright and musician from London. A graduate of the University of Manchester, with a BA (Hons) degree in English Literature, he is a founding member of the WYMPA poetry collective. Previous work includes: WYMPA’s The Contested Works and short film Kids. Current work in development at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School includes: Dogman – a radio play about a middle aged man who swaps bodies with the family dog – Drink Up Your Empty Selves – a stage play following a group of Peckham residents who blockade themselves inside their local pub, taking a stand against the trends of social and economic change sweeping the capital, and another stage play, One Night A Stranger Came A’Knocking, a black comedy meets ghost story about a family in rural Ireland. Jaisal has a particular interest in writing about identity, multiculturalism and stories related to the Indian and Irish diasporas.

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The training provided by the MFA programme is superb. The depth with which we explore, paired with unyielding curiosity that is met with the most knowledgeable, passionate, expert tutors is what makes BOVTS programme one of the finest around. I feel honoured to call BOVTS my grad school. Rachel McVay, MA Professional Acting Student