Soph Robinson

BA Production Arts


Soph is excited to be in the beginning stages of their career as an educator and workshop facilitator.

Recently, they’ve enhanced their facilitation skills through a transformative placement with Manchester based charity Odd Arts, engaging in workshops within educational settings and prisons.

Additionally, as co-director of Queer Haus of Bristol, theyโ€™ve cultivated a vibrant, inclusive community space, organising events that champion queer talent. Their BOVTS experiences, including stage managing festival theatre and a Theatre in Education tour, further broadened their artistic and managerial skills, reinforcing their belief in the arts as a powerful tool for education and societal transformation.

They aim to make theatre accessible and therapeutic, fostering understanding and resilience through inclusive, empathetic workshops. Their work exemplifies their love of using creative expression to bridge communities, promote social change, and challenge systems.

Students relaxing outside of the School
The School is in a beautiful part of Bristol, overlooking a huge park called the Downs. We sometimes take advantage of our close proximity to the Downs during the summer term, practising fight and dance routines, or voice or singing classes! Dan Hall, BA Professional Acting student