Fiona McKeon

Fiona McKeon (she/her)

MA Performance Design

Fiona McKeon is a Bristol based Production Designer for theatre, opera, dance and film. Over the last 10 years she has worked in theatres across the UK and Australia, in a variety of roles. 

She is currently undertaking professional development year in Bristol, completing the MA of Production Design. At BOVTS she has designed Sammy and the Sea Morgans (Schools Touring), The City and Hamlet (Wardrobe Theatre) and Great Expectations (West England Touring). 

UK Theatre Design credits include: Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree (Edinburgh Fringe Festival), Mojo, Jumpers for Goalposts and Beautiful Thing (Stanislavsky Studio, Questors Theatre) and When the Rain Stops Falling (Judi Dench Playhouse, Questors Theatre). 

Australian credits include: The Return for Griffith University; Splendor in the Grass, August: Osage County and The Three Sisters at Gardens Point Theatre and Savage in Limbo at Studio Space 1, VCA. 

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Great Expectations

The marshes are the meeting of land and sea and are central to Pip’s life and memories so I haves used them as the foundation of this design. Miss Havisham’s Satis House can be seen through the ironwork of the ornate gates that lead to her great house and take Pip to a world of hopes and desires that may or may not bring him true happiness. 

Photography credit: Mark Dawson

The Threepenny Opera

“You are about to hear an opera for beggars. Since this opera was intended to be as splendid as only beggars can imagine, and yet cheap enough for beggars to be able to watch, it is called the Threepenny Opera.”  

 Brecht and Weill’s work is still relevant to today’s society and we used the three acts to move the story from its setting to current society to demonstrate this. 

Photography credit: Fiona McKeon

Sammy and the Sea Morgans

The folk stories of the River, Avon and working sustainably were the foundation of this devised performance for Theatre-in-Education. Using the common objects and materials found along the Avon River we created a space that evoked the river, beside, on top and under it for the company to experiment and explore the story of 11-year-old Sammy.  

Photography credit: Ed Felton

Training at BOVTS set me up with the skillset, confidence and connections for the career I now have as a freelance theatre designer. Max Johns, MA Performance Design Alumni