Hazel McIntosh MA in Performance Design

Hazel McIntosh

Hazel McIntosh (she/her)

MA in Performance Design

Hazel is a Bristol based performance designer and theatre maker. Her previous fine art practices and BA Hons in Illustration have heavily influenced her set, costume and video designs. Hazel has previously worked as a Design Assistant for Coventry Moves, the opening show of Coventry City of Culture 2021. Her BOVTS credits include Set Designer for Pride and Prejudice (The Mount Without) and Costume Designer and Video Content Designer for eco-comedy Loam (Bristol Old Vic). 

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This has been a collaborative project with writer Hayley Scott, with Sound Design by Hannah Bracegirdle. Based around the rich history of the Loco Tunnels we have devised a show about an ancient Being. It’s lived in the fabric of the earth since time began. In the modern world old myths and stories can be forgotten. Using the history of the space and the development of our character I have designed a performance and space that is encased in ash and the uncanny. Projection and live performance helps tell the story of the being. 


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Working director Marcus Romer and creative collaborator Olivia Jamieson on the Set Design I have designed the Costumes and AV Content for this wonderful eco-comedy, Loam. The design responds to the need for colour against a clinical world as well as the need for nature-based growths to develop out of the characters through the show.  

Photography credit: Hazel McIntosh

Small Island

Collaborating with Tobias Millard and Aaron Finnegan we reimaged the world of Small Island for the Bristol Old Vic Mainstage. Using the language of ship gangways and artefacts we have brought elements of the Windrush ship directly onto the stage which can be amalgamated in different formations to flow from one scene into the next.  
A project thoroughly enjoyed but not one for us to tell alone. 


Photography credit: Hazel McIntosh

Graduate Sahir Mehta
As soon as I visited the School, I fell in love with the place. Perhaps it sounds a bit irrational, but sometimes you get a vibe - and you just know! BOVTS gave me all the tools I needed to prepare for a career as an actor. Sahir Mehta, MA Professional Acting, 2018