Lewis Bamford BA (Hons) Production Arts (Stage and Screen)

Lewis Bamford

Lewis Bamford (He/Him)

BA (Hons) Production Arts (Stage and Screen)

Lewis is specialising in scenic construction and design during his final year at BOVTS. Lewis has completed work experience on Beauty and the Beast UK and Ireland Tour in carpentry and automation. He has also completed his work placement at Cardiff Theatrical Services in their construction department.

Professional credits include Workshop Assistant on UK Productions 2022 Panto Season UK Tour. Construction Manager on Spoons at Edinburgh Fringe. Venue Installation on Mayfest at Bristol Galleries.


BOVTS credits:

Construction Manager Wasted/Dorian (The Wardrobe Theatre); Tiny Dynamite/ No One Will Tell Me How to Start a Revolution (The Wardrobe Theatre); This House (Tobacco Factory); A Midsummers Night’s Dream (Malcolm X Community Centre), Generate Exhibition (Paintworks)

Props Supervisor Wilda & The Winter Whirlwinds (TIE Tour).

Workshop Supervisor Henry V (Bristol Old Vic), Romeo and Juliet (Redgrave Theatre).

Construction Assistant Emilia (Circomedia); As You Like It (Malcolm X Community Centre), Macbeth (Bristol Old Vic); Generate Exhibition (MShed); Three Seagulls (Bristol Old Vic); Absolute Scenes (Marble Factory); Troilus and Cressida (Redgrave Theatre).


The Winter Witch's Icy Crown

The collaboration between different departments can result in some very creative makes. To bring the Winter Witch’s crown to reality, working with the costume department using the elements of the design and references to make it all fit within the the world we were creating. Researching and experimenting with different materials and also ensuring it’s practicality including movement and storytelling. Made from clear warbler heated and cooled into the shape of icicles, covered with the same glitter used throughout the set and gems found on the Winter Witches costume tied it all together.

Photo Credit:  Edward Felton

Village Elders Throne and Wilda's Sled

Wilda and the Winter Whirlwinds takes us from the snowy village at the bottom of the mountains through and out of the forest, to the ice palace and back. This piece starts off with the First Elder’s Throne being spun into the frozen trees that the woodland creatures live in. Then, it is magically transformed into a sled that Wilda and her friends use to race back home on. It is made from soft wood ply keeping the same grain. Looking at the traffic in the wood, layering paints and it knocking back, exploring different scenic painting methods, I was able to achieve two similar but also unique finishes which brought the designers vision to life.

Photography credit: Edward Felton

I've worked with visiting professionals this year that I never would have even dreamed of working with. It's been an amazing experience. Thomas Donnan, BA Professional Acting Student