Rhiannon Binnington Performance Design MA

Rhiannon Binnington

Rhiannon Binnington (She/Her)

Performance Design MA

Rhiannon specialises in Set and Costume Design for Theatre, with particular skill in model making, costume illustration, research, and cross-company collaboration. She is especially interested in horror theatre and the gothic; immersive, interactive, and site-specific and site-responsive theatre; as well as story-telling in a wide variety of performance applications.

BOVTS credits:

Costume Designer: Emilia (Circomedia)

Set and Costume Designer: Wasted (The Wardrobe Theatre)





Working with director Sally Cookson and set designer Alice Sales, I designed the costumes for the bold and feminist play Emilia; the story of a woman, wife, mother, and Writer whose voice has been largely forgotten by history, remembered instead solely as the Dark Lady from Shakespeare’s sonnets.

With the aim to bring Emilia’s story to a modern audience, I designed the costumes to be historically informed but with a contemporary flair; period silhouettes with modern colours and details.

Costume supervisor: Shanice Dacres

Costume maker: Ruby Nex

Photography credit: Craig Fuller


Wasted is the story of three friends in their mid-twenties on the ten-year anniversary of their friends death, and their journey through the parks, raves and cafes of London as they grapple with what their lives have become and try to seize control. Make a difference, change things.

Working closely with Director Richard Bland, I designed a world that responded to the rap roots of the writing and reflected the urban chaos of the characters’ lives.

Costume Supervisor: Bessy Mo

Photography credit: Craig Fuller

A Haunting

For the specialisation project I collaborated with Writer Madeleine Farnhill to conceptualise and develop a site-specific piece of horror theatre for the Mount Without, directly inspired by the history of the building and area. A Haunting is a performance within a performance: Medium Miriam Mirklin’s finely tuned paranormal spectacle is interrupted by the spry Mr M. (the spirit of the Mount Without itself come to life) who seems less than impressed with her dramatics. The night then takes an even more sinister turn when one of the restless souls who haunt the grounds decides to make his own displeasure known too.

Model made at 1:50 scale.

Photo Credit: Rhiannon Binnington

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