Max Kyte MA Drama Writing Student


Max is a writer born and raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He has written for stage, screen and radio. His writing credits include Underdog (Basement45, 2018), Paperman Patrick (Northern Stage, 2019), Stay Indoors (National Youth Theatre Front Room Film Festival, 2020), Bleach (JustOut Theatre, 2020) and an adaptation of Yevgeny Zamyatin’s dystopian novel, WE (Reconnect Festival, 2021).

Max’s introduction to writing began with adapting screenplays at the BFI Academy. Since then he has studied theatre to learn more about writing dialogue and advancing his writer’s toolkit. His writing inspirations are Martin McDonagh, Simon Stephens, Dennis Kelly and classic playwright Arthur Miller. As a member of the NYT one of Max’s most inspiring moments was attending a workshop with playwright James Graham.  In 2019 Max acted as a dramaturg for his first show at the Edinburgh Fringe.  He’s also practised directing, acting, and producing, all of which he believes aids his writing. Last year Max worked as a set builder at the Wales Millennium Centre to help finance his Writing MA.

At BOVTS Max has worked rigorously on story structure and form to emphasise his love of dialogue and character.  He considers himself a character writer, believing that at the heart of storytelling is the necessity for complex, well-realised human beings.  A Bomb We Called Sam is an amalgamation of everything he’s practised across the course, reflecting his creative voice and his belief in theatre as entertainment to inspire hope within audiences through magical realism.

Max has plans to continue his signature script, aspiring to have his work commissioned while working in theatre. He is also eager to explore his newfound passion for radio writing. As he progresses in his writing journey, Max hopes to return to film and television where his love for writing first began.

N'Dea in Henry VI
In just one year the MFA programme has given me the confidence in my artistry and the tools to work professionally that I lacked prior to my training. N'Dea Miles, MFA Professional Acting Student