Directing Theatre A short course covering the fundamentals of being a theatre director
Three students rehearsing in a studio. The central student has their hand on one students shoulder and a script in the other hand


Directing Theatre

Key Information
  • Suitable for

    Beginners, age 18+

  • Dates

    Monday 19 – Friday 23 August, 2024

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  • Location

    Downside Road, Bristol

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The Directing Theatre short course is designed as an introduction to the fundamentals of directing performances for stage. Over five days, the course will cover skills in text analysis, character development, and classical as well as contemporary text work. You will also get to explore the complete process of bringing a production to life – including concept work, adaptation, devising, conducting rehearsals and technical rehearsals.

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School offers a fun and nurturing environment in which to pursue your creative ambitions. The support and feedback available from your tutor will help you develop your skills and confidence in directing theatre.

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Gain a practical understanding of the role of a director and their relationship with actors, writers and other collaborators in the rehearsal room;

Explore text analysis – including interpretation, world building and character development;

Techniques to direct adaptations of classical and contemporary texts, as well as to direct devised theatre;

Practical exercises and projects to explore the process of direction – from concept work to rehearsal rooms and tech weeks.

This is a full-time, Monday to Friday course. Sessions run from 09:30 to 16:00. This course is taught in our facilities at Downside Road.

Students developing and growing in confidence during their time here, seeing their work reaching professional standards in approach and execution; a student who intends to be a stage manager producing a wonderful sound design; a first year student making a lovely recording of a song for their recording project; tracking the careers of former students and seeing them be successful; being able to find a job opportunity for a recent graduate. Frank Bradley, Sound Tutor