Belle Streeton MA Drama Directing

Belle Streeton

MA Drama Directing


Belle is a Bristol based director, co-founder & co-artistic director of Concrete Youth. She remains committed to creating inclusive theatre experiences. Drawing from her background in non-traditional storytelling methods and gig theatre she aspires to craft culturally enriching experiences for audiences often excluded from traditional theatre settings.

Her most recent credits include: Sensory Cinders Research & Development (The National Theatre & Barnsley Civic Theatre), The Nobodies (The Wardrobe Theatre), The Whispering Jungle (UK Tour), To The Moon & Back (UK Tour), Regional Theatre Young Directors Scheme Placement as an assistant director Hull and High Water (Hull Truck Theatre)  & We Used to Be Closer Than This (Middle Child Theatre). 

One of my favourite parts about BOVTS is that it feels ‘homegrown’. From the set to the costume, lighting, acting and sound, every single aspect of a theatre production or film is down to the students. The location of Clifton is so serene and the School being so small everyone knows each other and it feels so personal and special. Violet Morris, BA Professional Acting Student