An image of an ice queen with a crown

The Snow Queen

Redgrave Theatre

Key Information
  • Dates Fri 29 Nov 2019 - Thu 12 Dec 2019
  • Location Redgrave Theatre
  • Evenings

    29 Nov, 6 Dec, 7 Dec 19:00

    30 Nov, 17:00

    8 Dec, 18:00

  • Matinees

    3, 4, 5, 10, 11, 12 Dec 10:00

    3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 Dec 14:00


  • Ticket price

    £17.50 full | £12.50 concession

    School groups £8

Frozen in time... but help is on the way

Written by Theresa Heskins
Directed by Paul Clarkson
Designed by Bronia Housman

In a thrilling adaptation by Theresa Heskins of Hans Christian Anderson’s classic tale, young Gerda guides us on her quest to save her best friend Kai from the clutches of the wicked Snow Queen.

In a small Danish village where children are encouraged to ‘forget fancy and fix on facts’ Gerda is convinced that her playmate is not lost forever and embarks on a bold mission through the seasons to rescue him, meeting on her way, a chatty crow, a clever Princess and a motley band of robbers and their talkative menagerie of pets. As she journeys across icy plains and dark forests, through the garden of forgetting, can Gerda save Kai from eternal winter and help him ‘find the words’ in order to turn back time?

A story of friendship, hope and hot chocolate, join Gerda on her adventure as she battles brigands, fends off enchanted flowers and confronts a Snowflake Chorus. A Christmas classic packed with music, dance and tobogganing, The Snow Queen is a family treat for all ages.

Considered suitable for all ages.

Image credit: Hide the Shark

Please note that the performance on Sunday 8th December at 2pm will be a relaxed performance. 

Everyone is welcome at the Relaxed Performance, in particular we offer a warm welcome to people who feel they would benefit from a more relaxed environment when watching a show.

Before the show starts there will an introduction which will let everyone know that there is a relaxed attitude to noise and movement from the audience during this performance.  There will be a low level of lighting in the auditorium throughout the show.  The sound in the show will be quieter than usual and there will be no flashing lights on stage.

If you have any questions, get in touch with [email protected]

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Denzel Baidoo – Bitzer/Suitor 2/Rascal/Ensemble

James Burman – Matthias/Rifkin/Ralf

Tian Chaudhry – Hanne/Robbergirl/Ensemble

Esm̩e Cook РWashernan/Robbermum/Gretzel

Chanel Waddock – Teacher/Lily/Adviser/Pigeon

Rory Alexander – Soren/Ba/Adviser

Danial Radze – 1st Adviser/Borge/Bullseye

Kiera Lester – Summer/Hilde/Pigeon

Heloise Lowenthal – Karen/The Snow Queen

Clementine Medforth – Princess/Robin/Margrethe/Astrid

Alice Moore – Rose/Crow/Anne-Marie/Pigeon

Jo Patmore – Gerda

Jake Simmance – Suitor 1/Rankin/Niklas

Ashley Woodhouse – Kai

Creative Team

Director Paul Clarkson

Assistant Director Victor Lirio

Set and Costume Designer Bronia Housman

Assistant Designer Carly Brownbridge

Lighting Designer Joe Stathers

Assistant Lighting Designer Mary Bennett

Sound Designer Ella Jackson

Composer James Atherton

Musical Director John Telfer

Singing Coach Pamela Rudge

Choreographer Clare Fox

Fight Director  Jonathan Howell

Voice Coach  Carol Fairlamb

Dialect Coach  James Gitsham

Production Manager  Jon Sherwood

Producer Frances Macadam

Production Supervisor Ruth Sidery

Stage Manager Charlotte Woolley

Deputy Stage Manager Rosie Tredray

Assistant Stage Managers Emily Poole, Dominic Parker and Frederick Spring

Lighting Operator Madeleine Coward

Production Electrician Joel Williams

Follow Spot Operators Chantel Blackwood and Frankie Dowers

Sound No. 1 Danny Davies

Sound No. 2 and RF tech Harriet Hollinshead-Lee

Construction Manager Andy Scrivens

Assistant Construction Manager Ambra Fuller

Construction Assistants Frederick Spring, Madeleine Coward, Holly Stevens and Chantel Blackwood

Scenic Crafts Tutor Meriel Pym

Sound Tutor Frank Bradley

Scenic Artists Heidi Broad, Alistair Campbell, Bethany Hastings and Jean Wong

Head of Costume Jill Blundell

Costume Tutor Ali Poynter

Costume Supervisor Becky Davies

Costume Assistants Evie Akerman, Albert Taylor, Charlotte Weiss and Summer Marie York

Costume Makers Katie Ireland, Madi Barncoat and Isabel Cope

Additional Costume Makers/Assistants Amber Bowerman, Jasmine Barron, KT Vacara, Laura Pogose and Jennie Clarke

Special thanks to: Debbie Mitchell, Andy Jenks, Hebe Perry, Tom from Headwind, Joshua Izzett, Chris Horseman, Oliver Wareham, Jamie Capewell, Trish Izzett


Students in rehearsal room, one stood holding a guitar Acting

Actor Musicians

Much of our talented cast are also playing some instruments in the show!


Denzel Baidoo – Cajon

James Burman – Trumpet and Drums

Tian Chaudhry – Accordion

Esm̩e Cook РViolin

Rory Alexander – Accordion

Danial Radze – Tenor Recorder

Kiera Lester – Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Heloise Lowenthal – Soprano Saxophone

Alice Moore – Bass Guitar and Tambourine

Jo Patmore – Drums

Jake Simmance – Treble Recorder

Chanel Waddock – Tambourine

Production Photography

Snow Queen Podcast


We spoke to the team behind the show to get their insights!

Joel Williams - Production Electrician

What does the role of Production Electrician entail?

The Production Electrician works closely with the Lighting Designer to install a lighting rig into the theatre to supplement the performance. The main parts of my job are to make sure we have all necessary equipment, whether that is hired or owned by the school. I am also responsible for the lighting rig in the theatre and looking after the maintenance of the rig during the shows.


Why did you choose to train in Production Arts at BOVTS?

I choose to study at BOVTS because at my interview I fell in love with the idea of putting shows on in different theatres across Bristol instead of just one venue. The course also suited me as it covers a wide spread of backstage jobs allowing me to get experience in different areas.


What has been your favourite experience at the School so far?

My favourite experience so far would have to be the get ins we do for our productions. Being a part of those teams just gives you a massive sense of comradery and it is great fun to work towards such a great goal.


Has the team faced any particular challenges when preparing for Snow Queen?

I would say our biggest challenge so far has to be the fact that the show is obviously based in the winter and it has scenes where there needs to be Northern Lights present, so looking into different creative ways to make them has been a challenge.


What have you enjoyed the most about working on Snow Queen?

For me I have enjoyed looking closely with the Lighting Designer and helping them create their vision on the stage.


Who should come to see the Snow Queen?

The Snow Queen is a family friendly show aimed at school children but there are definitely parts which suit people of all ages! We even have a relaxed performance for those who are new to theatre or are nervous about visiting which is a great experience for everyone!


Without giving too much away(!) what does the technical/creative team have in store for the audience?

I would say the technical and creative team definitely have some very fun surprises in store for any audience member and that you will have to come along to see them!

Female sat in chair holding pen and books on her lap Production Arts

Stage Manager - Charlotte Woolley

What does the role of Stage Manager entail?

As Stage Manager, you support the director, actors, designers and production and technical crew throughout the process. This involves scheduling rehearsals, sourcing and making props, budgeting and having overall responsibility for the Stage Management team. During the run of the show, I ensure that the Artistic and Technical integrity is maintained.


Why did you choose to train at BOVTS?

I chose to train here as this course is vocational, fully preparing you for the industry and allows you to become knowledgeable in numerous disciplines within Theatre, Film/TV. At 18 years old, London seemed too intimidating and expensive, but Bristol had the creative and quirky vibe I was looking for.


What has been your favourite experience at the School so far?

Having real hands on training that is reflective of the industry.


Has the team faced any particular challenges when preparing for Snow Queen?

One of the Stage Management team’s challenges has been to be able to conceal our concerned and worried faces when some of the cast members have been rehearsing in roller skates…!


What have you enjoyed the most about working on Snow Queen?

I have enjoyed the challenges that have come with this production, as there is such a variety of props that have needed to be made and sourced. And also taking the reins, guiding my team and ensuring that we know the show inside out.


Who should come to see the Snow Queen?

Anyone seeking to get in the Christmas Spirit!


Without giving too much away(!) what does the technical/creative team have in store for the audience?

With live music and flying scenery, it is definitely worth coming to watch!

Deputy Stage Manager - Rosie Tredray

What does the role of Deputy Stage Manager entail?

As Deputy Stage Manager it is my responsibility to be the main point of contact between the rehearsal room and the rest of the Production Departments. In the rehearsal room, I note the actors’ blocking and send out rehearsal calls and notes to the Production Departments. When we move to the Redgrave I will be calling the show by giving the cast and technical departments their cues to make sure the show runs smoothly and looks the same every night.


Why did you choose to train at BOVTS?

I chose to study at BOVTS because the course teaches you the basics in all disciplines which makes you more well-rounded and employable. I also found it really interesting that the school does not have it’s own theatre which pushes your boundaries and ensures that you do not get too comfortable working in one space.


What has been your favourite experience at the School so far?

My favourite experience has been as Assistant Stage Manager (ASM) on Mrs Beeton Says; it was such a busy show and working alongside my friends was so rewarding. As ASMs we were in costume, an experience that wasn’t exactly within my comfort zone but was an interesting challenge to do scene changes in a full length period dress and steel toe capped boots!


Has the team faced any particular challenges when preparing for Snow Queen?

The show is very busy in terms of props and large scene changes and with such a tight time frame to make everything it can be a challenge. We work very hard and put in a lot of long hours to make the show comes together as seamlessly as possible.


What have you enjoyed the most about working on Snow Queen?

I have enjoyed being part of such an energetic show. There is never a quiet day in rehearsals and everyone involved in this show is working so hard to create something magical!


Who should come to see the Snow Queen?

Anyone who is looking for a feel-good festive treat!


Without giving too much away(!) what does the technical/creative team have in store for the audience?

We have managed to cram so many exciting technical and creative elements into this show – there isn’t a moment of rest in this exciting show!


Black and white photo of female being dressed by dresser, reflection in mirror Acting

Costume Supervisor - Becky Davies

What is the role of a Costume Supervisor?

Being a Costume Supervisor includes a lot of things! For example, attending production meetings, interpreting the Costume Designer’s drawings and making them a reality as well as hiring, buying and assigning made costumes and being the glue between the designer, makers and costume assistants. I also need to liaise  between all production departments, arrange and attend fittings (noting further alterations needed. Finally, I oversee the get-in, technical and dress rehearsals with the designer, advise the costume dressers and organise hair and make up sessions.


Why did you choose to train at BOVTS?

I chose BOVTS because the course is practical and we get to work on real live shows rather than theoretical ones like some other courses do.


What’s been your favourite experience at the School so far?

My favourite experience at BOVTS so far has been dressing Nicholas Nickelby last summer. It was a huge show and a big challenge at first, but there is a great atmosphere backstage and it’s a lot of fun.


What have you enjoyed about working on Snow Queen?

The thing I’ve enjoyed most about working on the Snow Queen so far has been putting the costumes together piece by piece- I find it really satisfying. There’s some really great costumes in the pipeline!


Why should people come and see the show?

There’s plenty of winter fun, comedy, music, dance, and some frosty surprises. Come along and get in the mood for Christmas!

Headshot of male student Drama Directing

Assistant Director - Victor Lirio

What does the role of Assistant Director entail?

The role of the assistant director (AD) is to help realise the director’s vision—both administratively and creatively—from the rehearsal room to opening night. The duties of the AD are quite flexible and will vary from production to production and director to director. They may include research, facilitating the rehearsal process, taking notes, and ensuring the entire production process runs smoothly. The assistant director is expected to proactively help the director track stage blocking as well as the director’s communication with all departments involved: cast, stage management, creative, technical, and production teams.


Why did you choose to train in Drama Directing at BOVTS?

I chose to train at BOVTS because it offers the most professional and immersive, practical experience. BOVTS boasts the best equipped departments and facilities which support our course and professional training in directing for radio, film, TV, and theatre. I am in my second term and have already expanded my professional skills as a director beyond the theatre. BOVTS encourages creativity, collaboration, and artistic autonomy. BOVTS tutors are professional practitioners that not only train with a pastiche of skills and techniques but provide deep industry insights as well.


What has been your favourite experience at the School so far?

My favourite experiences so far have been the collaborative project with the designers and our end-of-term Notional Project. Both were high level challenges artistically and intellectually because of their all-encompassing theoretical objectives: text, design, context, venue, production, technical, and creative teams. It was a no-stake opportunity to think large, to be subversive, and to push ourselves beyond our comfort zone.

This term has been quite a dream too, because I’ve been involved with and had the opportunity to assist and direct a succession of exciting and varied forms: radio drama, original film script, and, currently, a large-scale musical production. I’ve been blessed with generous, expert mentor directors to learn from in a practical platform.


What have you enjoyed the most about working on Snow Queen?

Rehearsals. There is nothing like being part of the creative, collaborative process; the discovery of the text, relationships, and histories; the creation of backstories; and the camaraderie, enthusiasm, and positive energy from the cast, stage management and production teams. Working with and learning from Paul Clarkson is definitely on top of the list. He and designer Bronia Housman have built a beautiful, original concept heightening Hans Christian Andersen’s themes resonant for today’s audiences while still being faithful to the marvelous journeys of the characters, Kai and Gerda.


Who should come to see the Snow Queen?

Snow Queen is a must-see show for all theatregoers. It illuminates universal themes of friendship, loyalty, kindness, generosity, authenticity, and love. It is fun, heartwarming, moving, and inspiring … an entertaining respite from the chaos of global politics.


Without giving too much away (!), what does the technical/creative team have in store for the audience?

Audiences can expect fabulous costumes, innovative choreography and musical staging, and a spectacular set transformation.

I've worked with visiting professionals this year that I never would have even dreamed of working with. It's been an amazing experience. Thomas Donnan, BA Professional Acting Student