Summer Festival: No One Will Tell Me How To Start a Revolution

The Wardrobe Theatre

Key Information
  • Dates Thu 15 Jun 2023 - Sat 17 Jun 2023
  • Location The Wardrobe Theatre
  • Exclusive Old Market Assembly deals (only applicable on a single ticket)

    + £16 for a pizza
    + £21 for a pizza and drink

  • Tickets

    Single £10
    Double Bill £15

  • Written by Luke Barnes
    Directed by Roisin McCay-Hines
    Designed by Jasmine Thompson


‘Some are born great, some achieve greatness and some have greatness thrust upon them’… But what about the rest of us? Suzie, Edwina and Lucy’s lives are upended when their family move from a council estate to an affluent, suburban town. Starting out afresh at a new school, the teenagers battle to find a place for themselves. But when the odds stack up against them, can they truly break out of the boxes that society has put them in? Luke Barnes dissects ideas of class, social mobility and identity in this poignant and funny portrait of self discovery.

Liverpool-based theatremaker Luke Barnes’ previous work includes The Jumper Factory at Bristol Old Vic in 2019.

This play is showing as a double bill with Tiny Dynamite. Find out more about the BOVTS Summer Festival at the Wardrobe Theatre here.

The culture at BOVTS is encouraging, respectful, welcoming and empowering; the environment and buildings are beautiful and I found Bristol to be one of the most wonderful cities in which to spend summer! Lindy Yeates, Foundation Course Student