Summer Festival: Tiny Dynamite Summer Festival: Tiny Dynamite

Summer Festival: Tiny Dynamite

The Wardrobe Theatre

Key Information
  • Dates Thu 15 Jun 2023 - Sat 17 Jun 2023
  • Location The Wardrobe Theatre
  • Tickets

    Single £10
    Double Bill £15

  • Exclusive Old Market Assembly deals (only applicable on a single ticket)

    + £16 for a pizza
    + £21 for a pizza and drink

  • Written by Abi Morgan
    Directed by Monica Silkenas
    Designed by Yifan Zhang

The three friends, the three points of the same triangle

Abi Morgan’s Tiny Dynamite hinges on the notions of connection and disconnection in this tender and emotionally charged love story. When childhood friends Lucien and Anthony embark on their annual trip, history seems to repeat itself when they meet the mysterious Madeleine… Can lightning really strike twice?

Screenwriter Abi Morgan is best known for her work in film and television, including Suffragette, The Hour, The Split and The Iron Lady.

This play is showing as a double bill with No One will Tell Me How to Start a Revolution. Find out more about the BOVTS Summer Festival at the Wardrobe Theatre here.

I absolutely love working backstage. It was something I had never done before arriving at BOVTS and I'm so grateful for the opportunity. Madi Barncoat, BA Costume Student