Jessica Manley BA (Hons) Production Arts (Stage and Screen)

Jessica Manley

Jess Manley (She/Her)

BA (Hons) Production Arts (Stage and Screen)

Jess Manley is a multimedia artist born and bred in Bristol. At the Old Vic Theatre School, She specialises in Prop making and Scenic Crafts. Her passion lies in working with communities to uplift the area. In her professional work she produces scenic art, construction, costume and puppetry. Her personal artwork also touches on topics such as grief, addiction and mental health issues.


BOVTS credits:

Props Assistant Absolute Scenes (The Marble Factory)

Set and Props Designer Croft Animation (Christchurch Studios)

Art Department Assistant Jumping Through Hoops (Christchurch Studios)

Assistant Stage Manager The Red Shoes (Westcountry Tour)

Props Assistant Pride and Prejudice (The Mount Without)

Props Supervisor Vanity Fair  (Westcountry Tour)

Lighting Operator  Writers Blocc  (Bristol Old Vic)

Head of Props Department Robin Hood and Marian  (Redgrave Theatre)

Props Supervisor  A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Malcom X Centre)

Props Supervisor  Tiny Dynamite/Revolution (Wardrobe Theatre)


Headdress - absolute scenes

This headdress was made as part of a costume for Absolute Scenes – an apocalyptic tale set at a party at the end of the world. Unbeknownst to the writers, this play went out during Covid, making it an even more poignant production that received excellent reviews. Made from a combination of materials, this piece was made by casting horns with clay and veriform.

Photo Credit: Jess Manley

Dragon Head - Robin Hood & Marion

These puppets were made for a modern twist on a classic – Robin Hood. Reimagined by Aldo Vasquez, the entire set was made from recycled clothes. The puppets were no exception – including 4 birds of prey, a deer and a full sized dragon, all made from clothes and accessories.


The creative process included mould making and casting for the bird faces, creating a moving mechanism for the dragon’s head, and creating and upholstering a bike seat for the deer. The play received resounding positive reviews and was enjoyed by children and adults alike.

Bird puppets - Robin Hood & Marion

Students drinking coffee in Clifton Village
The training provided by the MFA programme is superb. The depth with which we explore, paired with unyielding curiosity that is met with the most knowledgeable, passionate, expert tutors is what makes BOVTS programme one of the finest around. I feel honoured to call BOVTS my grad school. Rachel McVay, MA Professional Acting Student