Algorhythm – A Devised Digital Theatre Festival Welcome to Algorhythm Digital Theatre Festival

Algorhythm – A Devised Digital Theatre Festival


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  • Dates Mon 01 Mar 2021 - Sun 14 Mar 2021
  • Location Online


Welcome to Algorhythm Digital Theatre Festival

This is not how things were supposed to happen this year. The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School had an entire Spring Season programmed for 2021, but once again Covid had other ideas. The response from the students was to devise six brand new pieces of work that embrace and explore the limits of digital theatre & film. The creative teams have approached this festival with a sense of innovation, adventure and a lightness of touch in order to bring joy to challenging times. We bring you comedy, we bring you interaction and we will bring you on journeys to unexplored places. The future of digital there is diverse and exciting – the future of digital theatre is here.

We are living in extraordinary times and all of the work shown here has been made possible by the resilience, creativity and ingenuity of the directors, actors, writers, production arts students and staff at BOVTS.

To watch, check back here on the dates of each broadcast when links to our YouTube channel will be added before the premiere.

(Algorhythm image credit: Vladislav Solovjov)

Details of a Hurricane

Directed by Jessy Roberts

Born from clusters of storms, hurricanes are unpredictable. But like most natural disasters, they serve a higher purpose – to keep the earth’s temperature stable.

In Details of a Hurricane real people examine their relationship to the Earth and The Universe, and explore their own personal hurricanes: what it’s like standing in the eye of them as everything happens around you, how they shape us, and what happens next. This short verbatim think-piece is an exploration of destruction, hindsight and hope. Details of a Hurricane can be enjoyed as a film, or simply as an audio piece. We recommend listening while going on a walk, whilst doing the washing up, or sitting with a cup of tea, and letting the piece wash over you.

Details of a Hurricane premieres 9 March at 7pm.

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lend me home

Devised by the Company, Emma Hadley-Leonard, Tessa Wong, Dewi Wykes

Directed by Hope Thain

Designed by Natasha Sadier 


lend me home follows young Pea on a wayfaring journey through many unknown worlds. Cast out of his hometown, a mysterious ringing sound leads Pea towards a map and guides him through an open door where he finds himself rambling through the hills of Wales, the villages of China and the seas of England. Confronted with giants, mystical beasts and the sirens of the sea, Pea discovers people and places that he never knew existed as he is cocooned in different cultures and tales of the past.

Told through music, puppetry, shadow play and song, this is a heartwarming story about the discovery of one’s self.

lend me home premieres 8 March at 7pm.

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off You

Devised by The Company

Directed by Frazer Meakin

Designed by Eliza Podesta

Welcome to the future.  Life is monotonous, the outside world seems a lifetime away and all we have is technology to keep us company.

What happens when one day your technology talks back and offers you a chance of a lifetime?  Companionship.  Is there a catch?  No, of course not. All you need to do is sign up and the rest is handled by corporate giant Lucan Cross and his latest venture Q-Pid. Quest- Pairing Individuals Destinies.

Join us on zoom for Can’t Take My Eyes Off You where you are more than just an audience; you are the experts, the matchmaker and it’s down to you to guide our candiDATES to meet their perfect match. Cupid’s arrow is poised; it just needs you to fire it.

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You runs 4 – 6 March at 7pm.

Booking is essential. The show features interactive elements which mean strictly no latercomers will be admitted.

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BANKSY: A Portrait of Bristol

Devised by Michael Drake, Katie Dorman, Eliza Smith

Directed by Imy Wyatt Corner

Designed by Cat Fuller

‘Remember – it’s better to ask for forgiveness than permission’ – Banksy

A new Banksy mural has appeared in Bristol. What does this mean? Can it help us to reveal Banksy’s true identity? Has the great elusive street artist returned to his hometown? A local (amateur) news channel investigates…

It’s 2016 and a Banksy has appeared on a wall in Bridge Farm Primary School, much to the delight of primary school teacher and avid Banksy fan Miss McNally. A documentary crew have arrived to interview residents in the hope of discovering Banksy’s true identity. Some claim to have met or seen the mysterious artist, some are more tenuously linked to the event, but all are affected by the new painting.

Shot on iPhones, BANKSY, A Portrait of Bristol, is a heartwarming comedy about art, community and the man behind the spray can.

BANKSY, A Portrait of Bristol premieres 5 March at 8.30pm.

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Welcome to the world of Echo Deep

You are the former captain of the Crescent Moon Liner on Lobster Wing Cruiselines.

As a retirement gift to yourself, you have decided to book a ticket as a passenger, to relax in the sun and eat all the delectable patisseries you can manage. Feel free to take a dip in our on-deck swimming pool. Why not visit the jazz bar and see the latest musical offerings from our on-board entertainment team? Or perhaps you’ll want to journey below deck and see what watery mysteries lie beneath. Whatever the weather, there will always be something for you on Lobster Wing. All aboard!

Echo Deep is an interactive web project designed to be enjoyed from the comfort of your own computer screen.

ECHO DEEP premieres 3 March at 7pm.

Homer and Away

Devised by Rachael Walsh and the Company with writing by Pearl Andrews-Horrigan.

Grab a cup of tea and settle down for five minutes every night this week for a dose of your new favourite soap opera. See the classic characters from Greek mythology doing what they do best. LIES! BETRAYAL! MURDER?!

Each night of the week brings you the next instalment of this serialised soap opera based on the classic Greek Myths.

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Students relaxing outside of the School
The School is in a beautiful part of Bristol, overlooking a huge park called the Downs. We sometimes take advantage of our close proximity to the Downs during the summer term, practising fight and dance routines, or voice or singing classes! Dan Hall, BA Professional Acting student