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Staff & Governance

A wealth of experience

Bristol Old Vic Theatre School is proud of its engaged, experienced, industry-leading staff members.

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Executive Leadership Team

Fiona Francombe Principal and Chief Executive Officer
Ali de Souza Director of Drama
Stuart Harvey Director of Studies

Acting core staff

Geoffrey Brumlik Senior Acting Tutor and Head of MFA Acting Course
Sue Cowen Head of Voice and Head of MFA Voice Studies Course
Joe Leat Voice and Acting Tutor
Em Smith Head of Screen (maternity leave)
Iman Bahmanabadi Head of Screen (maternity cover)
Jonathan Grosberg Head of Music and Singing
Jonathan Howell Head of Movement and Stage Combat
Clare Fox Dance Tutor
Joêl Daniel Movement Tutor

Production core staff

Steve O’Brien Head of Production
Ruth Sidery Theatre Production Administrator

Jade Trendall Technical Courses Leader
Joe Stathers Lighting and Video Projection Tutor
Bryony Rutter Senior Stage Management Tutor
Frank Bradley Sound Tutor
Meriel Pym Scenic Crafts Tutor

Andy Scrivens Head of Scenic Construction

Charlie Parkin Head of Screen Production
Bianca Bewley Film & Audio Production Manager
Andy Jenks Audio Tutor, Producer, Composer
Charlie Flack Audio Visual Tutor and Technician
David Bath Graduate Technician

Jill Blundell Head of Costume
Ali Poynter Costume Tutor
Lois Edmunds Costume Making Tutor
Lynn Donoghue Costume Making Tutor

Bronia Housman Head of Design
Hannah Wolfe Design Tutor (maternity leave)
Aldo Vázquez Design Tutor (maternity cover)

Writing and Directing core staff

David Lane Head of Drama Writing
Nik Partridge Head of Drama Directing

Professional services staff

Student and Academic Services, Admissions and Administration
Stuart Harvey Director of Studies
Julia Heeley Higher Education Administration & Student Support Manager
Marchia Abokie Admissions Manager
Charlotte Claydon Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Manager
Eve Bentley-Hussey Higher Education Administration & Student Support Assistant
Anselm Klint Access and Participation Officer
Stephanie Lawrence Executive Assistant
Paige Stevens Acting Courses Coordinator
Michael Tew Admissions & Non Degree Courses Administrator
Lyndsay Wheble Administrative Support to the Trustees

Marketing and Student Recruitment 
Matt Carmichael Head of Marketing and Student Recruitment
Kate Chaffey Marketing and Communications Officer
Sanjana Suresh Kumar Marketing Officer (Courses)
Jesse Payne Student Recruitment and Outreach Officer
Emma Garner Digital Marketing Assistant
Dotty McCormack Projects and Events Assistant

Head of Commercial & International
Faye Elvin

Head of Development
Naomi Miller

Finance, HR and Estates
Julia Trow Head of Finance
Jackie Gait Finance Officer
Sharon Willshear Finance Assistant
Chloe Maropoulos Head of HR and Business Operations

Fiona Reed Reception Manager
Sydney Crocker Receptionist
Nick Ebbage Receptionist
Bridget Coulter Receptionist

For details of visiting professional services staff, including in student support, counselling, and health and safety, please consult the guide to student support.

One of my favourite parts about BOVTS is that it feels ‘homegrown’. From the set to the costume, lighting, acting and sound, every single aspect of a theatre production or film is down to the students. The location of Clifton is so serene and the School being so small everyone knows each other and it feels so personal and special. Violet Morris, BA Professional Acting Student